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Education Fund

As the name suggests we use this fund for poor children especially orphans of parents losing lives and income due to violence and natural disasters. We commit to human capital development and improve prospects in life as productive and prosperous members of the society. READ MORE

Medical Fund

For a poor person even after surviving a catastrophe with a lot of mental trauma and physical injuries and even possible loss of limbs in Pakistan like any developing country becomes impossible to bear due to absence of a welfare system. READ MORE

Marriage Fund

Poverty restricts people apart from other basic human rights also the possibility of getting into a nuptial bond and finding a suitable life partner to follow a normal and happy course of life. Especially poor parents and orphans of people passing away in incidents. READ MORE

Family Support

In many situations the survivors or the family left behind not only have no means of income but in a situation that it is not easy for them to become self reliant easily and/or in near future due to many factors such as children beinng young and the widows. READ MORE

Micro-finance/Self Reliance fund

Not only it is our policy but on the ground most of time we come across brave honorable souls who do not want to take handouts but if possible these mountains of courage and self esteem would prefer to earn their own bread even though they might major limbs and organs. READ MORE

Water & other communities projects

Most of the times lack of local infrastructure and necessities is the major of misery of not only individuals but of communities at large. Access to clean water is very serious problem in developing parts of our world and Pakistan also doesn’t rank very high in area. READ MORE