Micro-finance/ Self Reliance Fund

Family Support

Not only it is our policy but on the ground most of time we come across brave honorable souls who do not want to take handouts but if possible these mountains of courage and self esteem would prefer to earn their own bread even though they might major limbs and organs effected or missing, with a little initial necessary startup financial assistance. Therefore we whenever possible try to bring people to their own feet by being able to earn their living through various means such as cottage industries, small retail outfits and any other suitable means with self respect.

The amount expected and pleaded for is £50.00 but of course not fixed at it as it can be lesser or more. This gets pooled and whenever such a case arrives it is taken care of or in cases we wait for more funds after appealing to our donors and general public. Such projects have been successfully deployed earlier with very positive and encouraging results thus boosting our confidence in this relatively new way but of course very effective in long run.