Shaheed Foundation UK mainly operates in Pakistan and supports bereaved families. Shaheed foundation is supporting and assisting many families throughout the country and help fulfilling their day to day needs.

Shaheed Foundation UK, working very closely and in coordination with Shaheed Foundation Pakistan works on following of their projects. SFP is taking care currently of over 1700 terrorism effected families across Pakistan.

SFP by the grace of Allah, waseela e Masoomeen(as) and partnership of responsible Momimeens like you is trying to meet this challenge for around 3 decades with a current budget of close to 17.3 million PKR (113K GBP approx). Around 1000 students are being educated.


The relief of poverty and assistance through consultation, monetary, legal and educational support to enable families and individuals across Pakistan who are the victims of natural disaster, sectarian killings and violence, terrorism to become active and productive members of the society.

To focus specially on most vulnerable, orphans and families left destitute because of key members of family loosing lives or limbs due to terrorism and ensuring their sustenance and opportunities in life and other human rights are not taken away.