Medical Fund

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For a poor person even after surviving a catastrophe with a lot of mental trauma and physical injuries and even possible loss of limbs in Pakistan like any developing country becomes impossible to bear due to absence of a welfare system. Sometimes due to poor state of the system the injured and sick cannot even travel to the medical facilities, let alone affording good quality healthcare. And eventually the kind of healthcare one gets is dependent on the amount money at disposal by the family.

Through our affiliates we work on schemes which ensure that after proper identification of deserving, a reasonable quality healthcare is provided to effectees in multiple locations and their travel costs are also taken care of.

This is achieved through a medical card system which allows the individual or family to go to any healthcare establishment of their choice among a growing list of good and reasonable hospitals in many areas. In some instances expenses are paid for travel if needed.

A rehabilitation center by the name of "Markaz e nigahdasht" (center for care) has been established which aims to help patients and injured travelling from far off areas to major city of Karachi for healthcare. This has proven very helpful and the future plans are to replicate this wherever else it is needed in other major cities where deserving people are usually sent for treatment.

We urge you to help us in this very important cause of looking after the injured, sick and affected and take care of them with love a high quality healthcare.