Marriage fund

Poverty restricts people apart from other basic human rights also the possibility of getting into a nuptial bond and finding a suitable life partner to follow a normal and happy course of life. Especially poor parents and orphans of people passing away in incidents and otherwise cannot even at many times bring together enough basic capital to be able to provide very basic necessities required by a young family to start the course of life.

We do not of course encourage any of the negative cultural practices that exist such as exuberant and needless spending in marriages. But the limited amounts set aside for the orphans and truly deserving young men and women are used with objective to acquire the most essentials required by them to start off on the journey of a patient and content life together with prayers and best of wishes for children and prosperity and financial security.

Let us try to bring happiness in the lives of young people who have gone through very painful moments due to very dark circumstances. Surely Allah will return it to us many folds.