Education fund

As the name suggests we use this fund for poor children especially orphans of parents losing lives and income due to violence and natural disasters. We commit to human capital development and improve prospects in life as productive and prosperous members of the society by ensuring sustained access to a good level of education.

Although individual donations can be specified for education but based on past experience and averages calculated on data two amounts 15.00 (till high school/12th standard) and 25.00 (professional/university) education have been established. We urge to commit by setting up a Standing Order to our bank account or taking a Paypal Subscription or a one of donation of whatever amount through bank transfer or Paypal.

So just for a very small of money (from 50p/day) bring light of education and better future to a deserving orphan whose future is darkened due circumstances and calamities. There is currently more than 1000 children whose education is being for by our partner, "Shaheed Foundation Pakistan". The number of effected and deserving children is escalating due to ever increasing incidents of violence and deaths.